Seyit Subutullah Baltaci

Seyit Subutullah Baltaci, who was born in 1998 in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, has been interested in the digital world from an early age. Interested in computer and mobile software, Baltaci became a software development specialist after the training he received. Baltaci, who has signed many important projects on the software front, which is called the profession of the future, is a name that stands out with his work in the field of social media as well as his interest in technology.

In the digital world, Seyit Subutullah Baltaci, who has become one of the important names not only in software development but also in digital marketing and social media, has managed to touch the lives of thousands of people in order to use social media actively and effectively by giving various trainings and seminars. Baltaci, who gives trainings and consultancy on many platforms from various NGOs to corporate brands, is among the young people who have made a name for themselves in Turkey’s digital transformation process.

He became a software developer at a young age with his interest in the world of computers.

Seyit Subutullah Baltaci, one of the young people who have achieved significant success in his field, has pursued his different interests from an early age and has strived to realize his dreams. Baltaci operates in many fields, from music to informatics, from personal development to social responsibility projects.

Seyit Subutullah Baltaci, who works in many areas from software to marketing in the digital ecosystem, states that he is not limited to this and that he cares about improving himself in every field. Expressing that he likes to read books and discover new people and stories, Baltaci also takes part in social responsibility projects and becomes a part of kindness movements for the society.

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One of his goals is to become a world famous DJ.

Baltaci’s goal is to become a world-renowned DJ. Stating that he is interested in music, Baltaci says that his goal is to become a world-renowned DJ and expresses that he likes to be on stage. In a statement on the subject, Baltaci states that “I received the necessary training for DJing” and adds that he has turned one room of his house into a studio.

Despite his young age, Seyit Subutullah Baltaci is one of the most successful names in Turkey with his services in the field of software, his work in the field of social media and the role he has taken in the world of social responsibility. Baltaci is already giving the signals of the important successes he will achieve in the future.